r e c i p e s

Prep ~ 2 hours Bake 15 mins

The only recipe you will ever need for making sweet and fluffy cinnamon rolls from scratch! The perfect delicious treat for a cold autumn day ~

Prep ~ 40 mins Bake 30 mins

The cutest little homemade apple roses made with a crispy puff pastry exterior and a sweet & tart apple interior. Though they may take a little bit of time to prepare, they are still quite easy to prepare and make for the most lovely pastries to bring on a spring picnic.

Prep ~ 20 mins Bake 20 mins

The simplest apple pies you will ever make - but simple doesn't mean it won't also be delicious! Best enjoyed with a warm cup of green tea, and perhaps a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top as well ~

Prep ~ 25 mins Bake ~ 20 mins

This delicious almond biscotti recipe is a quick treat that anyone can enjoy... and make! The process involves two bakes, the first to cook the soft biscotti cookies and the second to crisp them to your preferred taste.

Prep ~ 20 mins Bake 30-40 mins

A soft & sweet cake with a hint of almond flavor, topped with nectarines and pecans. And of course there are so many customization options as well!

Prep ~ 20 mins Bake 30-40 mins

Not your typical banana bread... this recipes uses the simplest ingredients but makes a uniquely moist and fluffy cinnamon banana bread. For an even more beautiful result, try baking it in an elaborate Bundt cake form or as a bite-sized treat in a muffin form.

Prep ~ 2 mins

A family secret passed down by my grandfather to my mother then to me: how to transform a regular coffee into a creamy delight (can also be done dairy-free!)