g a l l e r y

here are just some of the pieces I've had the pleasure of making as part of a commissioned order or for special collaborations with other artists ~

Oh, my Theodora Embroidery Hoop

After reading @prairie.linen.prose's novella 'Oh, my Theodora', I was so inspired to create an embroidery hoop which would capture the dark mood of this incredible tale... a tale of loss & longing in the cavernous galleries of Vinter Hall..🕯

This embroidery design was inspired by the very last line of the story, which I also typed up and adorned onto the tea-stained cotton cloth. It reads:

"There they were, three tears, painted like perfect streams cascading down her crimson cheeks..."

(February 2022)

Hazelnut Skirt photoshoot in collaboration with

Earth & Moon Photography

It was such a pleasure to work alongside Susy & Joe of Earth & Moon Photography to do a professional photoshoot of my custom-designed Hazelnut skirt!

(December 2021)

Snow White Blouse

Behind-the-scenes photos of the making of this commissioned white cotton blouse

(February 2021)

Pleated Tartan Skirt

A collection of photos taken throughout the crafting process of this commissioned blue tartan skirt

(November 2020)

Red Linen Dress

The before and after photos of a commissioned red linen dress with a lightly gathered waist-high skirt and a concealed side zipper

(November 2020)

Autumn in Manhattan Skirt

A warm & fashionable flannel
Autumn in Manhattan skirt, commissioned

(October 2020)

Dreaming of Daisies Skirt

Enjoying the beautiful warm outdoors in my first ever commissioned green floral Dreaming of Daisies skirt ~

(September 2020)

If you're interested in a custom piece or a collaboration, please feel free to reach out ~